Productive processes

Mapar has state-of-the-art technology and processing systems.

Mapar works with cutting-edge systems and technologies. Cookers of great production capacity and continuous processes are completely automated, to assure a better treatment and performance of raw materials coming from cattle slaughtering companies. These raw materials are unloaded and stored for a short period of time., warranting a completely fresh product. 

Then they are carried through screw conveyors to Grinders, where the products are reduced to smaller particles to improve heat transfer in the continuous cooking process. From there and through a feeder hopper with automatic variable loading, the cooker is loaded, and materials are heated and cooked at a constant temperature above 140ºC to achieve a better sterilization of the processed raw materials and a better separation of fats from proteins to obtain a product called “beef cracklings”. These are sent to high-performance automatic continuous presses, which extract the residual fat, until the product becomes what is called “cattle expeller” with 10% residual fat and 6% humidity. The other product that we obtain from this pressing process is called “colorimeter tallow” which is stored in heated tanks. The latter is sent to sieves and centrifuges for clarification, obtaining tallow free of humidity or impurities. All expellers coming from the continuous presses are sent to hoppers for storage, in this way the entire process is carried out in a watertight manner to guarantee total sterilization of the product, free of Salmonella, Escherichia coli and other bacteria. 

The expeller stored in hoppers is then sent to the milling system, which has several hammer mills and sieves to classify the grains, obtaining high quality fine grain meat meal, which is sent to silos for storage and subsequent packaging in bags of 50 kg or big bags, up to 1000 kg.

These flours are intended for animal feed and balanced pet foods, as well as the poultry industry. The colorimeter bovine tallow is marketed to the soap industry, refined edible fats for human consumption and balanced pet foods.

All production is treated with antioxidants and all of our raw materials are 100% of bovine origin.

SENASA is the official national body that verifies, controls and certifies the quality of our raw materials. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and works 24 hours a day, ensuring quality of our products and our customers’ satisfaction.

Lab & Quality Control

Mapar’s leadership in Argentina and the rest of the world is based on the constant commitment that the company maintains towards its own research and development activities, which it values and promotes, thus allowing its products to be at the forefront of animal nutrition. and to the levels of international requirements and parameters.

Highly qualified multidisciplinary teams of first level are dedicated to the complex task of providing new answers to optimize the quality of our raw materials and our products for the satisfaction of our customers.