Lead manufacturer of livestock by-products

Our company is one of the largest corporate groups dedicated to the production of livestock by-products in Argentina.

The association with the companies Frigorífico Gorina, Frigorífico Santa Giulia, Planta Faenadora Bancalari, Ecocarnes and Frigorífico Merlo, which in turn are our suppliers, ensures that production is constant and maintains its maximum capacity throughout the year.

Our main activity focuses on the production of meat and bone meal for animal nutrition products as well as the production of tallow for soap factories, refineries, biofuels and the pet food industries. Excellence, quality and productivity are our priority goals.

Mapar consolidates a corporate structure with high levels of efficiency and management, which is why today, our company occupies a leading position in all the markets where it is present. It is also the only company in the field in the country that has SAP management systems, differentiating itself from the competition and providing a better service for its suppliers and customers.

We invite you to learn about Mapar; to share the results of two generations of work with the same spirit and endeavour aimed at high competitiveness, generations that have taken the challenge of addressing an ever changing market.

Given these constant challenges, Mapar continues, as from its early days, prioritizing permanent technology updating, quality achievement, staff excellence and rapid adjustment to changes. 

nowadays, the company has 65 employees who share a common spirit of initiative and the same ideals for growth on a daily basis.

Mapar promotes, with the highest level of demand, the values that characterize its business management:

Ethics: in its business operational management, strategic decisions and business relationships.

Quality: always present in each of its products as well as in the manufacturing processes, due to constant technological research.

Leadership: Mapar directs all efforts to consolidate its status as a leading company in Argentina, with a strong international projection.

Human Resources: Team spirit, constant training, collaboration and service-oriented attitude are respected, acknowledged and encouraged by our company.

Professional Career: in a world where evolution is a constant characteristic, Mapar focuses on maintaining a fair, balanced and equitable style of business conduct.

Worldwide Exports

Official representative of Argentina in the WRO

Mapar is the delegate and official representative of Argentina in the WRO (World Rendering Organization). Mapar is also a member of Clirsa (Consejo Latinoamericano de la Industria de Reciclaje de Subrproductos Ganaderos / Latin American Council of the Recycling Industry of Livestock By-products).

Actively participating in congresses in Europe, Australia and the US (Nara), Mapar is integrated into the most important markets in the world and nurtures, exposes and develops new trends in production and care of the environment for the Industry.